Wonderwerk Cave

Wonderwerk Cave, located in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, is an archaeological treasure that preserves a record of human activity spanning almost two million years. The Wonderwerk Cave Research Project is an international collaboration brought together to explore this spectacular site along with the early archaeological sites around the town of Kathu, as well as other sites in the region including research on the Hutton Sands at Canteen Kopje.

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Click on the image below to access the Virtual World of the Wonderwerk cave, Kuruman, South Africa. (size 15mb)
The Virtual World enables the user to interactively walk around in a virtual environment of the Wonderwerk cave 3D model. The model was created from laser-scan data captured on site and processed by the Zamani Project. Click on the image above and allow the web player to load (this may take a minute or two). Use the arrow keys to move and hold the left mouse button to change the view direction. Press spacebar to jump.


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